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Frequently Asked Questions!

"Is it best to get hair or makeup done first?"

If you are getting your hair washed, then I definitely would recommend getting your hair done first. This most likely will wash parts of your makeup off! Otherwise, the choice is totally up to you. I personally would prefer to have my makeup done last so it is as fresh as possible for photos and my event. However, your makeup will last.

"Can I have lash extensions for my makeup appointment?"

Absolutely! Lash extensions can be easily worked around and don't effect the overall process of makeup. However, it is recommended that you come to your appointment with a fresh set. Otherwise, your lashes will be sparse and look untidy.

If you are wanting false lashes applied on top of your extensions, I do not recommend this at all. This makes applying the lash very hard, and most likely will create a gap between the lash and the eye line. 

"Will my makeup last for my event?"

Makeup is not made to last forever on the face. Your skin produces oils and sebum that mixes and lifts products on your face, therefore changing your makeups appearance. However, I have only had amazing feedback when it comes to how long my work does last on the face!

An important tip that a lot of clients forget is once your makeup is on, DO NOT TOUCH THE FACE! The more you touch, rub or scratch your face, the more you disturb your makeup.

Follow my tips in your confirmation and reminder emails when making a booking with Madi Wonders Makeup for longer lasting makeup. 

"Should I fake tan my face as well as my body?"

No. I do recommend avoiding fake tan on the face for your makeup appointment.  Fake tan can create a very dry and sometimes patchy base for your makeup. I will match your face to your fake tan using makeup during your appointment. However, please avoid fake tan with a noticeably green undertone as it is almost impossible to colour match. 

"Why do I have to pay a travel fee?"

I am a studio based makeup artist, however I do offer travel services for group bookings and Bridal makeup.

When taking on a travel booking, there is more that goes into it than just the makeup appointment itself. Travel bookings take up time packing/unpacking my kit, travel time, petrol, wear and tear on my car and parking and toll fee's where applicable. 

 Lets give you an example;

If I was to travel to a job from Warriewood to Darling harbour, this would cost me

- 20mins to pack up my kit in studio before leaving for the job

- 1 hour to drive to the location and park (possibly longer depending on traffic)

- 15 mins to set up once arrived at there location

- 1 hour per makeup application (minimum of 3 people)

- 15 mins to pack up once finished 

- 1 hour to drive home (possibly longer depending on traffic)

- 20 mins to unpack my kit in studio for my next client

Thats a total of 6 hours and 10 mins, not including a lunch break for minimum number to travel. In this time I could have had 6 clients in studio, at $570.

When you receive a quote with a call out fee, take all of this into consideration. We are not ripping you off but more so running a lost ensure that you have an amazing day and feel beautiful!

"Is makeup cheaper if I want a natural makeup/ no foundation?"

No. Altering your makeup look to what suits you is no problem. Im here to make you feel beautiful and love your overall makeup look. However, my prices are set to cover time, expenses and products used. 

"Is makeup cheaper if I have lash extensions or don't want false lashes?"

No, false lashes are complimentary when booking any session with Madi Wonders Makeup. Therefore, lashes do not effect the price of your makeup. 

"I only have time for a 30min appointment. Can you do a simplified version, or just my eyes?"

Appointment durations are strictly set for the amount of time that will be needed to create your makeup look. 

I pride myself on my quality of work and my reputation, so I could never let anyone leave my studio with a rushed or unfinished look. 

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